Sandor Hendriks

Principle Trombone Philharmonie ZuidNederland

Sandor Hendriks

Sandor writes:

After years of playing a Glassl alto-trombone I switched over to a Leuchter alto-trombone (this after hearing the good experiences of colleague-trombonists).

Some problems I had in the past, suddenly seemed to diminish, i.e.:

  • the 7th position (2nd symphony of Brahms 1st part - choral)
  • high C sharp (Beethoven's Missa Solemnis)
  • e-flat for 3rd symphony of Schumann

But the gain for me is in the sound and resonance. The instrument starts a tone nicely and matches beautifully with the section across the entire register. Furthermore I like the price/quality ratio.

I'm very satisfied and I think the instrument is a must for my colleagues.

Thank you Markus for your craftsmanship!

Kind regards,

Sandor Hendriks